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Treasure Hunting

Gardening is an inexpensive hobby that can be enjoyed by all…. Did I say inexpensive? If we’re not careful, we can spend a boat load of money in a heartbeat. I know because I’m guilty. But I’ve learned a few things over the years. A smart gardener grows most of their plants from seeds or cuttings or pass alongs from friends. OK….so I’m not quite there yet.

But a garden is not made of plants alone. This is where we can really get into trouble. Most of us decorate  our gardens with any number of things that please us and the wildlife we love. And of course, we need to furnish areas to sit and admire our efforts and sip a cool drink at the end of the day. This garden “decor” can quickly devastate the garden budget. The trick is shopping the right places. Over the years I’ve acquired quite a bit of garden “decor” and quite a list of places to find it. For me it’s like a treasure hunt. Some of my favorite hunting grounds are yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. I’ve scored some great finds at a fraction of the going cost. In this area I’ve really improved my game!

Several years ago I bought a large round table with 5 chairs and an umbrella at a yard sale for $35.00. Another yard  sale and a $20.00 bill got me a beautiful sundial. I found two wicker chairs and a round wicker table at Habitat for $15.00. Craigslist provided both my fountains and at a small fraction of what I’d have paid new. I’ve  found bird baths, bird houses, hanging wire baskets, an armillary, beautiful large ceramic pots and really large terracotta pots, all purchased for a song. I’ve also accumulated quite a collection of watering cans….just for fun. Heck, I even picked up one of those old iron beds, nailed it to the side of the shed and used it as a trellis to grow jasmine on. Every garden needs something playful right? Unfortunately, now it’s barely visible…..the jasmine ate it!

So start your own hunt. There’s an endless number of garden treasures just waiting to be found, and you really don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.  Gardening really can be inexpensive and considering all the money you’re going to save… can consider the hunt a guiltless pleasure!

Happy Gardening!

Linda Newber


The crows fountain compliments of Craigslist

The sundial tucked in among the roses

Wicker set from Habitat

One of my prize fountains