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Plant Sale Guidelines

  1. Sellers may set up on the Wednesday or Thursday before the sale – no earlier. Do NOT set up on Tuesday – final mowing and raking is done that day. Plants should be in place NO LATER than 7:30 am on Friday.
  2. Sellers must provide their own tables. Placement of your tables/area is first come, first served for spaces – no vendor has the right to any particular space. Be considerate when setting up – other sellers also need space. Starting at the Spring 2024, we will have assigned spaces of a certain size to accommodate the increase in sellers.
  3. The sale is in the backyard and beside the wooden walkway only at 2318 Metts Ave. Do not set up plants in the front yard, on the brick patio area, or on the glass-top tables that are already on the patio. If you have any questions about where to set your table, contact Ginny Vail (910-619-0942).
  4. All sellers must have a seller number. If you need a seller number, please contact Ginny Vail.
  5. Two labels must be with each plant. Please see labeling guidelines for more instructions on how to do this appropriately.
  6. Sellers are encouraged to spend as much time as possible at the plant sale. Plants sell better if the grower is there to give customers info on their plants, such as growing conditions.
  7. Only plants propagated or grown by club members may be sold (per the NC Department of Agriculture).
  8. You do not need to bring all of the plants you want to sell on the first day; you can always replenish as needed.
  9. Carts are for staff (club members) use only. Customers are not to use the carts themselves. Greeters are also plant carriers and can load carts and wheel them to customers’ vehicles.
  10. A “Free for kids” section is at each sale. Donations of free plants for kids are needed at each sale.
  11. All plants must be well established and disease and insect free.
  12. Plants need to be watered and checked daily by the seller.
  13. Parking: Do not park in front of “Plantation Gardens” (i.e., where the sale is, or 2318 Metts Ave.) to save parking for customers. Also, do not block driveways or park in driveways.
  14. Provide containers for bare root plants, such as plastic bags.
  15. Tents and canopies are not allowed.
  16. Any unsold plants as well as your table/set up are to be removed from the premises by the end of next day following the plant sale.
  17. Checks for each seller’s percentage of what they sell (80%) will be distributed at the next meeting or the potluck dinner the weekend following the sale, whichever comes first. Tags will also be returned to the sellers. If you cannot make it to these events, please contact the treasurer via email or phone and a check can be mailed to you or you can pick it up.
  18. HAVE FUN! Talk with your fellow sellers, club members, and customers. Remember – plants are awesome.