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By-Laws of the Hobby Greenhouse Club


  • Member – a person who has paid his or her dues or a lifetime member as defined in Article III
  • Adult – a club member 18 years of age or older
  • Quorum – a group of at least 1/3 club members in good standing


The dues for an individual membership shall be $12.00 per year. The dues for a family membership shall be $15.00 per year.

Duties of the Officers

The President Shall:

  • Preside at all regular, special, and executive committee meetings of the club
  • Call special and executive committee meetings as necessary
  • Appoint committee chairpersons with the approval of the other officers
  • Appoint special committee chairpersons with the approval of the other officers (e.g. nomination committee, audit committee, by-law committee, etc)

The Vice President Shall:

  • Preside at any general, special, or executive committee meeting if the president is absent
  • Temporarily assume the responsibilities of the president, secretary, or the treasurer when he or she is absent or otherwise unable to act in their elected capacity

The Secretary Shall:

  • Keep minutes at all regular, special, and executive committee meetings
  • Deal with all official club correspondence not handled by another officer
  • Keep the minutes in a notebook, which shall be passed down from secretary to secretary from year to year, and always be made available for viewing by the members. Minutes may be kept in a digital format

The Treasurer Shall:

  • Collect all dues and other monies received by the club
  • Pay all bills owed by the club
  • Record all transactions in a financial ledger that shall be open for inspection by the officers ofthe club at all times
  • Inform members when their dues need to be paid
  • Report the club’s financial status at all general and special meetings

The Immediate Past President Shall:

Be available to help in whatever capacity is appropriate.

Duties of the Chairpersons

The Chairperson of the Membership Committee Shall:

  • Seek out and contact any potential new members
  • Personally deliver a club brochure to new and/or potential members
  • Introduce new members at a general or special meeting at which they are present
  • Maintain a list of club members, their addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses

The Chairperson of the Publicity Committee Shall:

Publicize club meetings and activities in as many media outlets as possible.

The Chairperson of the Program Committee Shall:

  • Obtain a speaker and reserve and appropriate venue for all general meetings
  • Inform the chairperson of the publicity committee of the above information
  • Introduce the speaker and present him or her with an appropriate gift (value to beapproximately $25)

The Chairperson of the Refreshment Committee Shall:

  • Plan and organize all club social functions including but not limited to covered dish suppers
  • Maintain a list of volunteers to provide refreshments at monthly meetings

The Chairperson of the Annual Greenhouse Tour Committee Shall:

  • Appoint members of the Annual Greenhouse Tour committee
  • Line up people with greenhouses to agree to be on the tour
  • Oversee publicity for the tour
  • Generate and distribute literature associated with the tour
  • Get volunteer staff to run the tour

The Chairperson of the Club Website Shall:

  • Be responsible for the maintenance of the club website
  • Update the website with upcoming meetings and events, and as appropriate

The Club Historian Shall:

Keep official records of the club to include but not be limited to press clippings, flyers, maps, brochures, etc.

Note: The above are the by-laws of the Hobby Greenhouse Club Constitution and may be changed by a quorum majority vote of the members to address situations as they arise.