1. Only members in good standing (paid dues for the current year) may sell plants. The seller specifies the prices of the plants they’re selling – prices to be in $0.25 increments minimum.
  2. Only plants propagated or grown by club members may be sold. The “resale” of plants is not allowed by the Hobby Greenhouse Club North Carolina state license.
  3. Plants should be delivered and in place the day prior to the sale (Thursday).
  4. If selling a bare rooted plant, provide containers such as plastic bags.
  5. All plants must be well established and disease and insect free.
  6. All plants must be properly identified with two (2) labels, as shown below.
  7. Plants should be watered and checked each day.
  8. Please remove unsold plants as soon as possible after the sale ends, but no later than the day after the sale ends.


  1. Use permanent ink marker such as a Sharpie permanent marker. You may also type onto envelope labels and stick them to your tags (make sure if they get wet they’re still legible).
  2. Tags are generally to be the plastic tags available for the club. As an alternative, tags can be made from things such as white Clorox-type bottles, vinyl window blinds, or anything that is reasonably permanent and can be written on permanently.
  3. Two tags must be with each plant as shown below:
    Tag 1: Price and seller ID number. MAKE SURE THESE ARE CLEARLY LEGIBLE or you may not get credit (reimbursed) for the plant you’ve sold. If you use a dollar sign in front of
    your price ($), please make sure it will not be confused for a number (this happens often). If a “C” is entered for the seller number, the proceeds will go to the club to support our activities and none will go to the seller.
    Tag 2: Common name and Botanical name (if known) of the plant. Optional information which may be included on the second tag includes growing information about the plant, which will help the customer know how to care for the plant. The back side of the tag may also be used for the additional information.