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Plant and Labeling Guidelines


    1. Only members in good standing (paid dues for the current year) may sell plants. The seller specifies the prices of the plants they’re selling – prices to be in $0.50 increments minimum, but whole dollar amounts are strongly encouraged.
    2. Only plants propagated or grown by club members may be sold. The “resale” of plants is not allowed by the Hobby Greenhouse Club North Carolina state license.
    3. Plants should be delivered and in place the day prior to the sale (Thursday).
    4. If selling a bare rooted plant, provide containers such as plastic bags.
    5. All plants must be well established and disease and insect free.
    6. All plants must be properly identified with two (2) labels, as shown below.
    7. Plants should be watered and checked each day.
    8. Please remove unsold plants as soon as possible after the sale ends, but no later than the day after the sale ends.

Plant Labeling

  • You will need a set of plastic tags to label each plant. The club sells these at meetings (50 tags for $2). You can also find these online or make your own from things like white Clorox-type bottles, vinyl window blinds, etc. No popsicle sticks or tags made of paper that might disintegrate in wet conditions.
  • Please use a permanent marker (e.g., Sharpie) to write on the tags. 
  • Each plant will need 2 tags (see below for details).
Tag 1: Price and seller ID number. 
  • Please print clearly or you may not be credited for the plant you’ve sold. 
  • If you use a dollar sign ($) in front of your price, please make sure it will not be confused for a seller number. 
  • If you want full proceeds from the plant to go the club, you can use “C” instead of your seller number. 
  • At the checkout, HGC volunteers will pull this tag to tally up the sale and keep a record of what was sold.
  • If you’re unsure of your seller number, please contact
Tag 2: Common name and Botanical name (if known) of the plant. 
  • You can also include info on how to care for the plant or additional tips.
  • The buyer will keep this tag.

2 plant labels